Contract Hire

Looking to streamline your business operations while maintaining a modern and reliable fleet of vehicles? Look no further than contract hire. Designed to offer businesses a convenient and cost-effective vehicle leasing solution, contract hire provides numerous advantages.

At Jacksons Automotive, our business and personal contract hire packages are a popular choice amongst both VAT registered and non VAT-registered companies and users, especially those looking to control their costs without compromising on control of finances and flexibility which is possible with our VAT beneficial contracts. A monthly rental payment will cover the cost of depreciation and disposal for a contracted of period and mileage. Contract hire which includes road fund license for the term of the contract, also gives you the opportunity to include roadside rescue, maintenance and relief vehicle at an additional charge.

The main benefits of Contract Hire:

  • Up to 100% tax deductible depending on cost of vehicle.
  • Variable initial outlay in the form of advanced rentals (normally 3,6, 9 or 12 months in advance).
  • Flexible contracts for both term and mileage.
  • No resale/residual risk.
  • No disposal at the end of the contract.
  • Optional relief vehicle should your vehicle be off the road.
  • Your capital isn’t invested in a depreciating asset.
  • Optional maintenance packages available.
  • VAT on rentals reclaimable (reduced to 50% for cars used privately).
  • Road fund license included for the full contract term.
  • Enables accurate budgeting for 1 vehicle or multiple vehicles.

Make a smart choice for your business and experience the benefits of hassle-free fleet management with contract hire. Get in touch with us today to explore how contract hire can benefit your business.